I wanna have a candyman ^_^

16 February 1989
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Hi, I'm Aricia and i like alot of things, firstly my english isn't that good, so if i make mistakes, please be gentle with comments on that.

I like my computer/laptop the most of all things in the world, I know, I'm a pc-freak,...^__^ But what do i do on my baby? ...

Everything!! watch movies, dramas, Anime, Manga (youtube, crunchroll, veoh, ...) and i keep in toutch with my obsession with Japan and Korea. I read A LOT of fanfiction. I'm a mun in a very weird choatic RP. I write on livejournal.... sometimes XD I do all my homework on it, so just everything, exept eating, becouse you can't eat your computer... But I do eat in front sometimes...O_o

I like to eat pasta !! spaghettie !!! my faforite drinks are : Agrum and wiskhy cola

Hnn, I alsow love my pets, 2 greyhounds from spain... Siska and Marie

So i just wrote verry much everything about me !!
the last thing is... my personal wish ...

I hope i can finnish my studie Japanology and go study there after that.... :)